24 Feb 2015

Sarah Louise in Hot Splash

Sarah Louise makes quite a splash in this poolside set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. In a sheer black monokini, Sarah takes a dip in the hotel pool—it’s all business in the front, but in the back, a thong frames her bottom very, very nicely. When asked about her naughtiest qualities, Sarah tells us that she’s a little too prone to treat herself. Sarah Louise is a girl who loves a good guilty pleasure—“I’ve got fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and lots of ice cream in the freezer,” she giggles—and if she won the lottery, she’d figure out a way to double her money. “Then I’d buy my own Playboy Mansion,” she says. “Except it’d be for girls—I’d have lots of parties, and hold castings for hot guys.” With a hottie like Sarah Louise at the helm, we see absolutely no problem with that.

Sarah Louise in Hot Splash doxodvsegda
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