4 Feb 2015

Sabrisse in Turned On

International model Sabrisse takes it all off in this poolside set from photographers David Mereny and Gabor Klinszky. In a leopard-print bikini and tank, all-natural Sabrisse is ready for the tropics – coming from the landlocked Czech Republic, she’s used to hiking and swimming at the lake, but she’s a short flight from the Mediterranean, and some of Europe’s hottest beaches. “If I won the lottery, I would spend it on traveling,” says Sabrisse. “I’m a positive person – I know my dreams, and I try to make them come true.” As for her dream vacation, no trip to the tropics is complete without a little romance, and hot brunette Sabrisse knows how to keep her love interests guessing. When we ask her the craziest place she’s ever had sex, she smiles without the slightest hint of guile. “Many public places,” she says, grinning. “You cannot even imagine!” Activate your imagination with the gorgeous Sabrisse, right here on Playboy Plus.

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