20 Feb 2015

Sabrisse in Spectacular

Sabrisse is your Cybergirl of the Month for February 2015, and she’s spectacular in this mind-blowing set from photographers David Merenyi and Gabor Klinszky. In her first interview with Playboy, Sabrisse admitted that her biggest turn-on is a man in glasses—and we have to say, after seeing these photos, Sabrisse in a cute, dorky pair of Coke-bottles is a major turn-on. “Sometimes I act very serious and sexy, and sometimes it’s fun to be unexpected,” says Sabrisse. “Variability is a good thing!” Like all good things, Sabrisse’s reign as CGOM must come to an end, but we encourage you to revisit her incredible pictorials long and often. Let our Cybergirl of the Month treat you to an all-out erotic spectacle, right here on Playboy Plus.

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