3 Feb 2015

Kylie Cupcake Morgan in At Night

Kylie Cupcake Morgan shows us her dark side in this hot set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Night is falling, and Kylie is more than ready in a black satin bra, panties and stockings. Spreading out on the couch, she lets her cupcake tattoo peek out from the waistband of her panties – it goes without saying, but with Kylie, you’re in for a sweet surprise. “This pictorial is my favorite,” gushes Kylie. “I got to wear dark makeup and this strappy black lingerie, with the skyline behind me – God, I felt like such a vixen.” Miss Morgan’s got her vixen routine down pat – slipping out of her lingerie, she leaves her stockings and heels on, the better to show off that perfect ass. “In the bedroom, my favorite position would have to be doggy,” she says with a giggle. “I like it from behind – when a guy’s behind you, he can grab your hips and it’s so intense. I just love that!” Spend the night with Cybergirl Kylie Morgan, right here on Playboy Plus.

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