24 Feb 2015

Chelsie Aryn in Once Upon a Time in the West

Chelsie Aryn is our Miss March 2013, and she wins the West in this hot, dusty set from photographer Sasha Eisenman. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and all natural, Chelsie arrives on the scene with a bang—as girls next door go, she’s one of the sexiest we’ve ever seen, and half a million online fans would agree with that assessment. “I come from a small town, right in the middle of nowhere,” says Chelsie of Berne, a small hamlet in upstate New York. “I’ve always believed in that phrase, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’—I’m close to all the folks back in town, and I consider them all my family.” March in New York State is a tricky proposition—lots of snow, ice and below-zero temperatures—so we rushed Chelsie to southern California for a Western-themed, desert-set Centerfold shoot. “This is my favorite set,” she says excitedly, her cheeks turning a desert-sunset shade of pink. “I was wearing brown chaps, smoking a cigarillo. The chaps were hot because of all the little peek-a-boos—when I turn around, you can see my butt!” And what a smooth, soft butt it is—though Chelsie boasts one of the finest sets of natural breasts this side of the Mississippi, she’s got serious back, too. “I’m very happy and so lucky to be a part of Playboy,” says Chelsie. “There’s only one Miss March 2015, and it’s me!” Give a warm welcome to the charming Chelsie Aryn, right here on Playboy Plus.

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