24 Feb 2015

Aleksa Slusarchi in The Open

Cybergirl Aleksa Slusarchi proves she’s hotter than hot with this seductive pictorial from photographer Holly Randall. In a tight-fitting bikini, Aleksa takes an outdoor shower—they say European girls are more open about nudity, and Miss Slusarchi is no exception. She’s got no problem stripping down for the entire great outdoors to see. Untying the strings of her bikini top, she lets the water run over her smooth breasts and stomach, all the way down her long, shapely legs. Pretty soon she’s wearing nothing but an alluring smile—we’ve seen more than our fair share of bathing beauties, but we think it’s safe to say this is the hottest shower a girl has ever taken. Things get a little steamy with Cybergirl Aleksa Slusarchi, only on Playboy Plus.

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