30 Jan 2015

Sarah Louise in Love Struck

Natural beauty Sarah Louise makes her Playboy debut in this exotic set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Back on location in Bali, Indonesia, Cassandra’s in top form – a beautiful location and an even more beautiful model make for serious magic on camera. For her first trick, light brunette Sarah is going to make all of her clothes disappear. “I love what Playboy represents,” she says excitedly. “For me, being nude is no big deal – I walk around my flat naked all the time. I’d be happy living on a commune.” On the back of Sarah’s panties, the words ‘Love Struck’ are spelled out in rhinestones, and that basically sums up our feelings about this sizzling New Zealander. “If I won the lottery, I’d buy a huge house and make it the Playgirl Mansion,” jokes Sarah. “I’d hold castings for hot guys and throw lots of parties.” Sounds like a plan, Sarah.

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