30 Jan 2015

Marga & Celeste in Wet Session

Argentinean International models Marga Cifuentes and Celeste Sablich clean up very, very nicely in this set from producer Mariano Rocca. Last time we saw these Latin lovelies, they were engaging in a little food play – that got pretty hot, but a few of you mentioned that you’d love to see them in an even hotter shower scene. Well, guys, your wishes have come true – here are Celeste and Marga in all their dark-haired, tan-skinned glory, soaping up each other’s smooth, nude bodies for the camera. The girls even trade a few lingering kisses. “I’m straight, but women are beautiful,” says Marga of her tattooed friend Celeste. Her favorite thing about the female body – and for that matter, one of ours – is its softness. When we say that this is a seriously hot set, it's no soft soap - get together with Marga and Celeste, only on Playboy Plus.

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