3 Jan 2015

Lily Rae in Bali Garden

Black-haired beauty Lily Rae is a delight in this lush set from photographer Cassandra Keyes. Full and voluptuous, with black hair and warm brown eyes, Lily knows that she’s hot. She wants you to know it, too, but she’d also like you to know that immature men need not apply for a date. “I’m looking for a guy who knows what he’s doing with his life,” she says. “Don’t just sit there and do nothing – be successful in whatever it is that you do!” Also on Lily’s must-have list are smooth tans, toned bodies and a little bit of kink in the bedroom. “I prefer to be single, so there are no strings attached,” she says, meanwhile detaching the strings on her bikini. “I love to live on the edge! Single girls have so much more fun – you can do whatever with whomever, and not get in trouble for it.” We’re right there with you, Lily Rae.

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