5 Jan 2015

Chanel Elle in Pool Honey

Cybergirl Chanel Elle cools it poolside in this set from photographer Damir K. As a native Californian, blonde-haired Chanel knows how to wear a bikini – and more importantly, how to take a bikini off. “This shoot was amazing,” she gushes. “It was a hot day, but it was cold in the pool, so things were getting a little hard in the nipple region!” We’re definitely not complaining – Chanel’s soft, natural breasts have never looked better, to say nothing of the rest of her beautiful body. “I had an awesome time in the pool,” she says. “I love this set – just me, a two-piece bikini and some water!” A simple formula, but the results are hotter than hot – take a dip with Cybergirl Chanel Elle, right here on Playboy Plus. 

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