3 Jan 2015

Brittny Ward in Red Hot

Roses are red, violets are blue, and Playmate Brittny Ward is hotter than hot in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. In a black leather trench and heels, Brittny plays the role of the femme fatale – but to hear her tell it, she almost didn’t get the part of Miss January. “You know, the first time I tested for Playmate, it didn’t work out,” says Brittny. “I was a little discouraged, but then I thought, ‘Hey – I’ve got nothing to lose.’” Miss Ward’s advice to all prospective Playmates: don’t give up hope. “If being a Playmate is your dream, keep going after it and you’ll get there,” says Brittny. “If I gave up after the first test, I wouldn’t be here today!” Lucky for us, she’s here – lean and tanned, with long, slender legs, our Miss January 2015 is simply smoldering. “It’s a big deal to me to be the New Year’s Playmate,” she says. “I wish everyone 365 days of great sex!”

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