5 Jan 2015

Brittny Ward in Heartbreaker

Playmate Brittny Ward is a total heartbreaker in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. Under her brown hair, Brittny has a tattoo on her neck – reading ‘strong willed’, it describes perfectly our bold, beautiful Miss January 2015. “I’m the teen queen turned to the dark side,” she jokes. “I’m so different from when I was in pageants, putting on that smile. Now I’m into trying things that scare me.” At first, becoming a Playmate may have seemed daunting, but now that she’s Miss January, Brittny is up for the challenge. “Life is way too short to worry about stupid things,” she says. “Regret nothing, and don’t let people judge or bring you down.” As the sun sets on her Playmate shoot, Brittny turns a blind eye to the haters, and a smooth, round behind to Ryan’s camera. Kicking ass, taking names and breaking a few hearts along the way – that’s our Brittny Ward.

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