24 Dec 2014

Kylie Cupcake Morgan in Bath Sensation

Amateur Kylie Cupcake Morgan makes quite the first impression in this set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. All natural, with chocolate-brown hair, brown eyes and a rather well-chosen tattoo, Kylie is a natural choice for Playboy. Seen here in nothing but hot water, surrounded by bath oils and roses, she’s living her dream – not to mention some of our hottest fantasies. “I’ve never shot in the bathtub before,” says Kylie. “I really wanted to check that off my list. Jen filled the tub with glitter and white roses, and I got nice and wet!” Funny, our temperatures are rising, too – except when we close our browsers, we’ll be taking cold showers instead of hot baths. “If it weren’t for all my fans, I wouldn’t be here,” gushes Kylie. “I’ve worked really hard, so I hope you guys like what you see! After you see these photos, I bet you’ll be dying for more!” Place your bets on Kylie Cupcake Morgan, seen for the first time on Playboy Plus.  

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