28 Dec 2014

Candace Leilani in Winter Queen

Candace Leilani is your Cybergirl of the Month for December 2014, and her body is a winter wonderland in this set from photographer Damir K. On Christmas mornings all across America, people are huddled around the trees, tearing the wrapping paper off of presents – and as for Candace, she’s tearing her clothes off, just for us. “I’m on Santa’s nice list,” she insists. “I’ve worked my butt off this year – when I started out, my mission was to pose for Playboy, and now I’m Cybergirl of the Month on Playboy Plus!” Slipping out of her white lace bra, Candace runs her hands over her body, from her smooth, round breasts all the way down to her hips – she may be on the nice list, but she’s definitely not afraid to get a little naughty. “Getting naughty on Christmas morning?” she asks, giggling. “Try any morning! That’s my favorite time of day, absolutely!” Happy Holidays from our Cybergirl of the Month, and from all of us at Playboy Plus.

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