24 Dec 2014

Brittny Ward in Double Trouble

Brittny Ward is our Playmate of the Month for January 2015, and she starts the New Year off with a bang in this set from photographer Josh Ryan. Brown-haired and brown-eyed, with long legs and a gorgeous California tan, Brittny is an accomplished fashion and fitness model. In her first pictorial for Playboy, and our first Centerfold of the year, she wears black leather and spike heels like a boss. “I felt very badass shooting this pictorial,” she says. “It was totally thrilling! We shot at an unfinished Wright house in Malibu, and I got up on the ledge in really high heels. That was a little dangerous – seriously, the magazine doesn’t do it justice!” With a nod to Brittny’s high-fashion background, not to mention her love of rock n’ roll, Josh and his team decked her out in metal, leather and black eyeliner – in other words, the works. “I’m afraid of heights, but this year, I’m trying to be more fearless,” says Brittny. “Once I got up on that ledge, I wasn’t scared at all!” Becoming a Playmate is a similarly fearless choice, and our latest Miss January wears the mantle with pride. “I love that this inaugurates a new chapter in my life,” she says. “I’m now a Playmate. So cool.” 

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