20 Jun 2014

Skinny Dipping with Nasia Jansen

German-born Amateur Nasia Jansen is hypnotic in this video from Playboy. With her dark hair, ice-blue eyes and full lips, Nasia has quite an exotic look, and in a black-and-gold bikini, thigh-deep in the swimming pool, she uses her sex appeal to her best advantage. “I’m comfortable with my body,” she says. “I try hard to maintain a good figure, so I go to the gym and train in martial arts. But really, my favorite part of my body is my eyes. People always ask me if I wear contacts, but they’re real!” Watch as Nasia undresses for the camera, slipping out of her bikini and into the cool blue pool, making long, luxurious (and dare we say sexy) eye contact. “I’ve always respected the Playboy name and image,” she says. “I’d only pose nude for Playboy, and I’m so excited to be here!” The feeling is mutual, Miss Jansen.

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