22 Jun 2014

Director's Choice with Jessica Ashley

When we think of the month of June, we think of a lot of things – the coming summer, with longer days and hotter temperatures – and when we think of Jessica Ashley, our Miss June 2014, well, let’s just say we get the jones. “People always think I’m flirting, because I’m constantly touching myself and playing with my hair,” says Jessica, her silver-bell voice a breath of fresh air. “I’m just very tactile!” Seen here through the lens of director Scott Cope, Jessica is more beautiful – and if we say so, more touchable – than ever. “Scott Cope discovered me on Facebook, and my Playmate test shoot put me totally at ease,” she says. “By the time I got to the Lautner house, I was ready to go. I’d always thought it would be wonderful to be a Playmate, so I applied – and now here I am.” If men think Jessica is trying to seduce them, well, this video will only convince them further – and if we may say, our sensuous Miss June has made an open-and-shut case for the Centerfold.

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Charming Sally Charles gets her pussy all wet in this beautiful outdoor scene, enjoy this true moment of pleasure.

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