21 Jun 2014

Cosmo in the Big Bang

First-timer Cosmo makes quite the first impression in this romantic set from photographer Robert Haas. Smooth, lithe and all natural, with brown hair and brown eyes, Cosmo seems like the perfect girl next door – but to do you one better, she hails all the way from Budapest, Hungary. “This set was very me,” says Cosmo. “I wore some elegant lingerie in soft champagne and tan colors, and I was lying on the bed at a lovely hotel. Very romantic!” Indeed, as she slips out of her top and panties, you’ll be having some rather lovely (and rather indecent) fantasies. “Robert Haas is one of my favorite photographers,” she says. “I started out with him, and I really love his pictures. Posing for Playboy means so much to me, because it’s a chance for me to prove myself as a model. I hope you guys like the pictures!” ‘Like’ isn’t strong enough a word for us – if you’re just as smitten with Cosmo, leave her some love in the comments section.        

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46938412559433367875.jpg 90811095761790213957.jpg 15850962486383596593.jpg 47035146137380046111.jpg 55708265655817551323.jpg 44652314438182796255.jpg 85387002840149503055.jpg 34424509598104033065.jpg 65329651160077029423.jpg 96259737207043366789.jpg 36824508903460718753.jpg 03837735057910092026.jpg 64746008296263178736.jpg 77491268161339911442.jpg 84874266986113960367.jpg 44003141372965793902.jpg 11895907434973176823.jpg 41490613322546133019.jpg 77363333666503005894.jpg 31325936223787512173.jpg 44067652221847378488.jpg 50087206047256086559.jpg 23778411335678108321.jpg 18896350797645006458.jpg 79159180848587742611.jpg 01706585970864667964.jpg 14486141258452770360.jpg 00491033405541847844.jpg 59973829444344638377.jpg 13665975295389410690.jpg

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