4 May 2014

Playboy Plus - Christine Carter in Mask Fantasy

Cybergirl Christine Carter is an object of desire in this set from photographer Jose Luis. In black bra and panties, all-natural Christine is a regular girl next door – and in a playful little black mask, she’s all mystery and sensuality. She undresses slowly, her long hair spilling over her shoulders, she slips out of her bra and panties, and before you know it, she’s got nothing on but a pair of heels and a little red lipstick.
87983247334118799591.jpg 86614914036833203795.jpg 41472665400939067111.jpg 98378566495822930457.jpg 32105851398797821673.jpg 37575612053839852830.jpg 76707684886168293919.jpg 85572279772743533868.jpg 97515240827570520268.jpg 09314535816421514079.jpg 66407635671325582369.jpg 19296189374018317293.jpg 26304350386174283809.jpg 51894246746133502182.jpg 61661577111863516976.jpg 41392954097052329519.jpg 35335318277456443796.jpg 91180376640814624338.jpg 25690643068202366444.jpg 24150924307807512615.jpg 97587690086725452019.jpg 76000792653817844117.jpg 08636808118181486751.jpg 41322993627350020886.jpg 65038830479057792580.jpg 88461534273977016021.jpg 09342883033856877924.jpg 91366096841780238475.jpg 44090843656943224771.jpg 75771768495291490461.jpg

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