28 Nov 2013

Playboy Plus Katie Lohmann in Sizzling Blonde

Playmate Katie Lohmann wins a one-woman wet T-shirt contest in this hot video by Bobby Hewitt. It’s a hot day, and busty blonde Katie is even hotter in a cutoff T-shirt and panties, all wet from a dip in the pool. Laid out on the lounger, she slips out of her top, and her bottoms, too – and before you know it, she’s fully, deliciously nude, soaking up the last of the afternoon sun. Sun or no sun, take Miss Lohmann inside for a little fun – with her long blonde hair, blue eyes and generous breasts, you’ll be very, very glad you did. “My biggest turn-on is a good massage,” admits Katie. “That or a kiss on my neck.”

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